5 Reasons You Should Have an Affiliate Marketing Mentor

Jumping into affiliate marketing alone can feel like you’re jumping into a small pool filled with great white sharks – a lot of risk and not a whole lot to help you actually succeed.

Pure Experience

Obviously, the main reason to have an affiliate marketing mentor is to have someone with experience “on your team.” Making breakthroughs in affiliate marketing on your own isn’t impossible, but it does require a lot of trial and error, testing, and most of all, time and money. Having someone there to share their experience will cut down on a lot of the time and money you’d be using to set up campaigns otherwise. I make sure my students get information on past and current campaigns that work, why they work, and how they can break through into getting them work with the most minimum investment possible. That doesn’t mean you’ll be making $1000 overnight, but it does mean eventually you can be able to work up to that point.


The main reason a lot of my affiliate marketing coaching students have failed to make money is a lack of focus. There is a lot of information overload, and not having the correct information or too much information found on the Internet can leave you feeling lost or like you have to try everything to succeed. I set most of my students up with 1 or 2 offers in our first calls, and tell them focus on these for the next couple weeks. When I mean focus, I mean you work on nothing else but researching these offers, finding ads run by other affiliates, studying ads for the same offer/niche, learning how to write proper ad copy, designing and setting up landing pages if necessary, and finally building, running, optimizing and scaling campaigns. Focus means putting in smart work to get great returns. Any good mentor will make focus a sticking point.

Management and Organization

A good mentor will also help with management and organization of your business. When I work with my students I make sure they understand what it is they have to do, and help them organize their weeks so the next week we have some details and statistics to go over. If they don’t have anything, it either means they’re not focusing and I have to go back to that point, or I need to further assist them with organizing their business. With affiliate marketing, you’ve got a lot to manage – time, money, statistics, and personal well being. Making sure you have access to the correct tools too succeed is essential to your success. Any mentor will make sure you have access to these before you start your actual coaching/mentorship.


When you work with an affiliate marketing mentor, you should eventually get to a point where you have lots of ideas running through your head and want someone to talk to about them. I’m always open for collaboration. Have a great idea for a campaign, but not exactly sure how to make it work out or if it will even stand a chance? Come at me with it! In being able to share what you’re thinking, you’ll be able to expand some of your ideas with a mentor that has more experience and ability to creatively help you build a unique affiliate campaign that will expand your daily revenue to the next level.


This one goes hand in hand with focus and management. As a new affiliate marketer, you’ll probably be working alone at home on your own terms and hours. In this situation, you don’t have anyone to be responsible to for getting things done. But you know what I dislike more than anything else? My coaching students that don’t take my advice and get anything done. A good mentor will help keep you on track and moving forward. Fail to get anything done and you are not only failing yourself, but you’ll be failing your mentor. When you hire a mentor, you should keep in mind that you are paying your own money to get good, proper advice and not using that information push yourself further can be rather frustrating for them. I know I give my students the absolute best information my experience has given me, so I can only hope and imagine that most instructors, mentors and coaches out there are doing the same for the sake of making sure their clients get their moneys worth, as well as keeping their name clean!