5 Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Page

5 Simple Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Page (Without Changing a Word)

Do you want to increase conversions on your landing page? – Clicksor will give you a few simple tips to increase as much as 30% conversions and sign ups to your landing page.

Improving your landing page will help you generate more money and high return on your investments.

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Bi-Weekly Tips – 5 Simple Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Page:

#1 Keep Your Opt-in Form above the Fold – Your audiences has an extremely low attention span, you need to quickly summarize what you are offering and get them to sign up as quickly as possible. Your Opt-In web form should always be on the top of the page for easy access and quick sign up.
#2 Look Professional – Avoid having your website looking like a garage sale by cramming in unnecessary facts that might confuse your potential customers. A confused mind always says “NO”. Use a simple single column layout and list out all the necessary points you will need to sell your offers.
#3 Buttons, Testimonials, Bullets has to stand out – It’s not enough to just have a colored box with text in the middle and call it a button. Make it look 3D or have shadow effects on it. This goes for the boxes around testimonials and bullet points.
#4 Summarize Your Offers – You don’t read the entire news paper and it’s unlikely your prospects will too on your landing page. Have all the important headlines, descriptions and be sure to include a short summary of what you are selling. This will help prospects make the decision much quicker.
#5 Provide Multiple Call to Action – It’s okay to have a long landing page with a lot of words, some offers needs time to explain. But be sure to include multiple calls to action on a long landing page. If the prospect is ready to buy half ways through your page, there is no reason for him/her to keep reading, just to get to the bottom to sign up.

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