How to become a Smart Affiliate !

Everyone knows that working hard pays off, but it pays off more when you work smarter! The list below is a quick collection of tips that took me from working really hard to make some money online, to working smarted to make even more money!

Research as Much as You Can

One of the big things for you to do as an affiliate advertiser is risk mitigation. We’re putting our money on the line here, so why not do due diligence and sacrifice a little time into researching your campaign, traffic sources, demographics and more before you actually start running a campaign. Know what your competitors are doing. Know what is working before you start running your own ads. Improve off the competition. Find new traffic sources other affiliates aren’t running your offers are on yet and find out if it is exploitable or not.

Maintain Good Relationships with Others

Many people think being an affiliate advertiser means you have to kick it all alone. The reality is that without your account reps, a good social circle of other affiliate advertiser around you, affiliate managers, network owners, employees, freelancers, etc – you will not make big strides in the industry. Talk to as many people as you can. Become personal friends with as many people in this industry as you can. It does not matter if they make $1 a day or $100,000. Everyone can become a booster to your personal business. The more people you know on a personal level, the higher level of success you are likely to achieve!

Find the Best Ad-network

Finding the best ad-network is the most difficult part. You need a lot of research and experience to find which ad-network suits your campaign the best. Clicksor is one of the best choice to affiliates. Clicksor serves over 3 billion impressions each month. This platform aims to provide full online marketing solutions to their users by communicating with their users directly. Yes, full solutions. They also allows me to have specific targeting like GEO, Time, Language and more. Furthermore, their 24/7 live support and monitor system to drive better result for your campaign.