6 Effective Means of Getting the Most Out of Your B2B PPC Account during the Holidays

businessThe last quarter of the year is considered the downtime for most B2B PPC managers. Rightly so, people are more focused on the holiday rush and buying spree than looking for services offered by companies.

Still, you do not have to put your guard down and join everyone. The advent of the holidays is just the right time to implement other strategies to strengthen your B2B PPC campaign.

1. Revisit Your Business’ Lead Cycle

With the expected slow turnaround in business, you can devote more time to review your lead generation strategy. Find out what worked and what did not. Make adjustments where necessary—be it in your keywords, ad copy, or target ROI. Also take note of the leads you generate during the holiday season. It may not be much; but you can use the information to launch a future B2B PPC campaign for the following year.

2. Set Your Holiday Budget

There is not much activity going on in the lead generation path during the holidays. Review your budget way ahead of the holidays so that you can save some financial resources that you can use the following year. You may want to just retain your active branded keywords and let the rest take a vacation, so to speak.

3. Fine-tune Your PPC Campaign

With time on hand, you can focus on some aspects of your campaign that need some tweaking. You can review the effectiveness of your keywords. You might want to retire some of those non-performing keywords and look for new ones that will help increase your conversion.

You may also want to check the performance of your adverts in a more detailed manner. Do away with ads that do not perform. And while you are at it, check your ad copy as well. Find out why some of your ad copies perform better than the others. Implement changes accordingly.

4. Start Next Year’s Work Now

Start planning for the coming year this holiday season. Use the lead you generated during the holidays as a stepping stone for your campaign next season (that is if you do not have any to start with). Evaluate your audience list and weed out those that are already outdated. To make a bang the following year, you need an audience that is active and up-to-date.

5. Take Your Competition Head On

Make a research of what your competitors are doing during the last quarter of the year. Find out how much they are spending in the last three months of the year. If they are showing some slack in their campaign, it might be the right time to put yours a notch higher.

6. Set Your B2B PPC Campaign for Next Year

All steps mentioned above are geared towards making a difference in your campaign for the coming year. These tips are not simply to keep you busy during the holidays; they are designed to make you ready to face the challenges of the new year.