7 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Get Higher Ranking

If you run a WordPress site, you most probably wondering how to make it SEO-friendly and get more traffic.

Well, it’s not as hard as you think. There are several SEO optimization tips available that you can start with. The good thing about WordPress is that it comes with different kind of SEO plugins that can help to increase your SEO and write better content in no time.

In this article, we will share 7 best SEO plugins for WordPress that can help you to get a higher ranking.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Get Higher Ranking

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. It has over 1+ million active installs and highest-rated SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO plugin assists you to write better content in short time. It also checks if you have added the focus keyword in different positions like: in the post title, in the article header, inside the article.

It permits you to include SEO title, Meta description, and Meta keywords to each post and page of your website.

You can likewise compose a custom-made title for your primary website, archives, classification and tag pages. It likewise includes Open Graph Meta information, Twitter Cards, Sitemaps, and ping online search engine whenever you upgrade your website.

2. ShortPixel

If you are using so many high-quality images on your website, your site will obviously take too much time to load. If your site doesn’t load under 3 seconds, you will lose your customers as well as lose ranking on Google.

But, there’s way you can use high-quality images without losing any quality. That is image compression.

Image compression is a process which you can lower the size of the image without losing the actual quality. Using ShortPixel plugin, you can significantly Speed up your WordPress site.

3. Broken Link Checker

Broken links cannot just produce disappointment for your users, however, they can likewise impact your website’s SEO. You ought to inspect your website from time to time for dead links and repair them if you have actually been running a blog site for at some time.

Broken Link Checker is a totally free WordPress plugin that permits you to discover dead links on your WordPress website. You can then replace those links without even modifying your posts.

2. Rich Snippet WordPress Plugin

Rich Snipper is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins. Utilizing this plugin, your site will get better visibility in the online search engines. Keep in mind those star rankings in the online search engine? Utilizing this plugin will assist you to improve your Click Through Rate (CTR) as well as traffic.

5. W3 Total Cache

With a managed WordPress hosting, a cache plugin makes a site faster. A cache plugin basically caches all the static content including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images.

A good hosting like SiteGround is a great choice. See the SiteGround Hosting reviews.

So when a user opens your webpage, the cache version of your site loads instead of the original one. This way it improves the load time.

W3 Total Cache is a 100% free cache plugin. It caches all your pages and minifies HTML, CSS etc. Most of all, you can also integrate CDN with it.

This plugin is a must have for all WordPress site.

6. SEO Quake

SEOquake is an SEO tool offered as internet browser add-on for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari web internet browsers. It is one of the most downloaded internet browser add-on by SEO experts.

Apart from that, SEOquake toolbar can reveal you all these specifications for all the search engine result. If you are assessing competitors for various keywords, this details can be very helpful. You can even download search engine result in CSV format and prepare your own stand out sheets of search information.

7. Google Keyword Planner

Choosing the right keyword for your article is crucial when it comes to SEO. But how would you get the keyword ideas?

Well, there’s tool that can get your own keyword concepts from Google itself, which is Google Keyword Planner tool.

This marketing tool is totally free and offered by Google. Its primary function is to reveal marketers the keywords they can bid on for their ad campaign. It likewise assists marketers to select best keywords by revealing them a price quote of search volume, variety of outcomes, and problem level.

As a material online marketer or blog writer, you can utilize this information to discover keywords with high search volume, high marketer interest, and more notably keywords where you can quickly outrank all other websites.

We hope this tutorial helped you to find the best SEO tools for your WordPress site. If you find this tutorial helpful, do share with your friends. What other SEO plugins/ tools you are using, do let us know in the comment section.