7 Bullet-Proof Ways To Waste Your Blogging Time

In the mood to waste your day away? Here are some bullet-proof techniques that will help you to throw away every productive second.

  1. Check your stats all day – This technique is especially effective if you have a small amount of traffic – wish for more visitors instead of working for them. The more you check your stats, the more traffic you’ll get, right? Right?… Anyone?
  2. Get lost looking at the sites of other people. Start this off by looking for link exchange partners, except make sure to lose your focus when you get to each site. Click through all of the pages in every site you come across in order to maximize the time wasting.
  3. Do your monotonous tasks while you’re fresh. You should avoid writing content while your alert – stick to the monotonous stuff (link building, etc.) during those times to destroy your chances at productivity. Come back when your brain is too wasted to write content – that way it will take three times the work to complete something worthwhile.
  4. Watch t.v. while you’re working. I tested this technique for years and I can tell you that its effectiveness is simply amazing. I haven’t been nearly as effective as wasting my day away since I ditched the t.v. that used to be by my work station.
  5. Don’t eat during your work day. The low blood-sugar feeling that comes from not eating regularly can help you to lose all ability to think and process information. This can help you to ward off effective writing and business planning if used efficiently.
  6. Never, ever plan your day’s activities. Shooting from the hip helps you to work on the stuff you want to do while forgetting about the things you need to do. This unfocused method can be very effective at helping you to refresh your latest post like a hundred times to look for new comments (you know you do it).
  7. Jump into projects without completing the task at hand. Getting yourself into 15 projects at once can help you to avoid completing tasks, so use it for progressive time wasting. This method scales up very nicely according to the amount projects you try to juggle at once.