7 Exciting Marketing Trends that Will Explode in 2016


Year after year, new trends in technology make their mark on online marketing industry. Those who are able to keep up with these innovations see themselves on top of the leader board, while those who fail to adapt find themselves in a limbo.

The year 2016 is no different from previous years. Serious internet marketers must always be on a lookout for the next big thing that will bring their businesses to new heights. Here are seven of the most promising innovations that you need to embrace in 2016:

1. Video Ads Domination

Online video ads are not new. Platforms, like YouTube, have been on the forefront of this medium for years. What you need to prepare for in this coming year is Google’s campaign to include videos in its search engine results.

2. Indexing of Apps

Mobile apps are now starting to establish themselves as the new platform for internet browsing. While Google is still years away from developing an algorithm to index apps, more and more people are starting to rely on apps for their every day needs. The primary advantage of apps using compared to traditional web browsing is the way information is relayed to users. Apps are more accessible and intuitive when it comes to providing users what they need to look for. Business owners who can offer their customers with the most convenient apps will have a distinct advantage in 2016.

3. Mobile Devices Will be the Primary Tool for Internet Browsing

With the proliferation of mobile gadgets, from smartphones to tablets, the years of desktop domination will come to an end. In fact, Google recently announced that traffic coming from mobile users has dominated in 10 countries already. With its introduction of the “Mobilegeddon” algorithm, websites that are not optimized for mobile usage will no longer appear in search engine results. Thus, websites of internet marketers must be mobile-friendly; otherwise, they will be left behind.

4. Prepare for New Optimization Using Digital Assistants

Digitals assistants, such as Siri and Contana, are no longer just cute or even amusing tools to use when asking questions. They provide a very convenient way of providing information to users. Aside from focusing on SEO using the traditional method, internet marketers must find a way to optimize their pages so that digital assistants can easily find the information needed by their users.

5. The Emergence of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality will become the new face of online advertising. With the rise of VR platforms such as Oculus Rift, this new medium may soon become the trend in social media sites, video messaging, and other advertising channels.

6. Technology that You Can Wear

Apple Watch is just the beginning of wearable technology. New innovations will come out in 2016 that will allow people to access the internet using everyday wearable objects. It may not go full blast in 2016, but it will surely start the wave. Internet marketers must be ready to pounce on this opportunity.

7. Advertising Cost will Rise

Since the start of the internet boom, the cost of online advertising keeps getting higher and higher. Make sure that you position your business well so that you can make the most out of your advertising dollars. Look for deals that will stretch your online ads budget. Still, the bottom line is to find advertisements that work.

These seven exciting developments in 2016 will put your internet business ahead of the competition. The question is “how fast can you adapt these innovations?” These may not all bloom fully in 2016, but taking the right step towards positioning your internet business will help you chart your business towards success.