Bar Coolers Buying Guide for Restaurants & Bars

If you visit the bar section of any restaurant, you will notice that the area is pretty small in size as compared to other sections of the restaurant. This is why it is very important for you to choose the best possible bar cooler that will consume every inch of the free space, since every inch is important when it comes to a small sized area. It is also needless to say that bar refrigeration happens to be one of the most important equipment in a bar simply because it keeps all the drinks cold and also lets bartenders offer drinks to customers quickly.

Types of Bar Refrigeration

When it comes to bar refrigeration systems, there are several types available in the market. Although all of these are designed to consume very less space and aptly suited for use in a bar, which one you wish to choose is entirely based on your own requirements. Here are some of the commonly used bar refrigeration systems.

  • Back Bar Coolers: These are designed to keep various types of canned and bottled beverages cool. Back bar coolers also give convenient access to bartenders to various types of drinks stored in the cooler. Add to that the fact that these types of bar refrigeration systems with a glass door allow customers to get a view of the canned and bottled drinks stored in the cooler. At the same time, if you choose one with a solid door, you can also store your drinks in the door shelves.

  • Bottle Coolers: As the name suggests, these are meant to store and cool canned and bottled drinks. A bottle cooler is also one of the most efficient cooling solutions that can be used in a bar. Small ones normally measure 24 inches wide and can accommodate 4 or even 5 cases of 12-ounce bottle or alternatively about 6 cases of 12-ounce cans. On the other hand, the bigger 95-inch-wide coolers can accommodate approximately 30 cases of similar sized bottles or more than 50 cases of similar sized cans.

  • Draft Beer Systems: These are sometimes also referred to as kegerators and provide a very simple way to serve draft beers to others without having to invest in any more complex beer delivery system. These draft beer systems are available in assorted sizes ranging from 1-keg versions going up all the way to 5-kegs versions. Each of the dispensing systems of the cooler can be fitted with one or even two taps to dispense beer.

  • Commercial Wine Coolers: These types of coolers help to keep every variety of wine at their ideal serving temperature. In case you opt for a single-temperature wine cooler, make sure that it is designed to store the wine you wish to store in it or at least it comes with an adjustable temperature feature in order to allow you to alter the temperature whenever needed to store other types of wines. It is good to know that wines are best served at a temperature ranging from 44 degrees to 57 degrees. Light wines are best served at 53 to 63 degrees and full-bodied red wines from 63 to 69 degrees.