Benefits of Smart Thermostats

It’s no surprise that electric rates are increasing exponentially all over the country, and Texas residents are certainly feeling the pinch as much as anyone else. That’s why it makes good financial sense to invest in a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats generally initially cost more than other models but they will save you lots of money in the long run.

A good smart thermostat like Nest, Ecobee or Honeywell could save you a substantial amount of money, especially in a region known for its sweltering summers. Texas utilities and alternative suppliers, for instance, have been enticing clients to install smart thermo technology for a few years. It is not a surprise that Oncor, Centerpoint, and AEP the largest electric utilities in the state are trying to control temperatures in clients’ homes when demand gets overheated. It is not just clients who can use smart thermostats to lower their electric bills by several hundred dollars a year, but also utilities and REPs who try to lower their costs and lessen the strain on the grid during peak summer months. Another feature that makes smart thermostats quite effective is they can adjust the temperature according to your energy usage patterns, eliminating energy waste.

Smart Thermostats Save Energy
Smart thermostats save you money on your electric bills by learning your schedule and adjusting the temperature accordingly. They save data on your energy usage patterns: raising temperature when you are away and lowering it when you get home to keep your heating and cooling within an optimal range at all times. That means that even if you forget to adjust your smart thermostat at night, the thermostat will do the work for you.

Smart Thermostats Can Be Programmed Remotely
Even though smart thermostats identify your patterns and adjust the temperature accordingly, they can still be manually overridden from the comfort of your smartphone. This feature is incredibly helpful for those who have a late meeting at work or an unexpected delay. Most of the higher end thermostats have smartphone apps that allow users to adjust the temperature with a simple click of a button, saving you hundreds of dollars over the course of the year.

Smart Thermostats Will Give You Statistics On Your Energy Usage
Many smart thermostats come with features that allow them to maintain analytics on your energy usage and spikes in energy consumption. These reports are incredibly valuable for those looking to cut back on electric rates! Smart thermostats even come equipped with features that can alert you when you need to change your air filters, leading to a more energy efficient and healthy home.

Smart Thermostats Put A Premium On The User Experience
Smart thermostats have a visual interface that is extremely easy to use, unlike traditional thermostats, with large prominent numbers indicating the current temperature. Anyone can program and change the temperature on these smart models! Additionally, most models are voice activated and compatible with other smart devices like Google Home and Alexa. If you link your smart thermostat up to a universal home WiFi it can interact with other smart devices like humidifiers, and adjust the temperature accordingly. This makes it easier than ever to monitor and control all aspect of the temperature in your home! 

While many Texans have already embraced new technology, controlling their energy expenses, and lowering their bills, many Oncor and Centerpoint residents and businesses are still using traditional technology. What they do not realize is by simply investing in a smart thermostat will do wonders for their bank balance and peace of mind.