Choosing the Topic of your Website based on Keywords

This is where it starts to get fun! Different topics monetize differently, i.e. it’s easier to monetize a site about Mobile Phones than a site about Saving the Rainforest. It’s easier to rank on Google with a website about Seattle Graffiti Artists than Home Insurance Loans (as that is a HIGHLY competitive industry). This is where we need to do some research into various topics. Generally if you can get a website up quickly about a new product or idea, if that product makes it big then your site should get a lot of traffic.

Researching can be fun, you can come across topics you never thought were so popular, write them down for future projects. Research is based around Keywords. Keywords are the most important part of creating a website. They are the words that identify your site & also that people will search to find your site.

Use the tool to research the niche or area that you want to create your website on.

You can use it to see how competitive the market is, how often terms are searched for & also it can help give you some insight into keywords you might not have thought about using.

Example of Highly Competitive & Hard to Rank for Terms:

Home Loans
House Insurance
Online Casino
Bad Debt

Example of Less Competitive & Easier to Rank for Terms:

Viagra for Midgets
Home Loans for the over 60’s
Surfing School in California
Gambling Advice in Kentucky
Australian Idol Final Results

Can you see a pattern emerging? Yep shorter keywords are generally harder to rank for so that’s why we choose strings of keywords. However do not be totally put off single or double keywords as there ARE ones out there that you can rank well for, you just need to get lucky.