Do You Know 41% Of Holiday Shoppers Buy Early in 2016 Holiday Season?

The last quarter of the year is considered as the most lucrative among business owners. It is during this period that people start buying gifts for the holiday season. Based on statistics, 41% of buyers start their holiday shopping in October. By the onset of December, this percentage becomes a whopping 75 percent.

Items such as toys, clothing, beauty and cosmetic products, electronic gadgets, books, and other gift ideas are considered as hot items. As such, there is an expected surge in site visitor traffic in many internet marketing websites—an opportunity that you should not miss!

For affiliate marketers, there are three very significant dates that you must watch out for: Singles Day; Thanksgiving Day; and the most anticipated date among shoppers, Black Friday.

Dates You Must Take Advantage Of

Singles Day
The 11th of November is the first of the most-awaited shopping days of the last quarter. Known as Singles Day, it is one of the biggest shopping events in China and is also now becoming popular in the United States.

Nothing can exemplify the enormity of this event than the $9.8 billion sales generated by retail giant Alibaba with a 24-hour period last year. Sales of mobile devices made up the bulk of these income.

Thanksgiving Day
This year’s Thanksgiving Day is on November 24. Marketing experts believe that this is another blockbuster that is expected to exceed last year’s sales. To give you an idea of how big the internet marketing pie is, last year’s online sales reached $1.73 billion. Because shopping is more convenient in the internet, it is expected that more people will go online to look for bargains during this important holiday.

Black Friday
The day after Thanksgiving, 25th of November, comes the most-awaited bargain shopping day: Black Friday. E-commerce sales on this same day last year was at $2.72 billion. Electronic products are the most-sought after items during this sale date. Mobile products account for $583 million of last year’s sales, followed by other electronics such as games and game consoles, televisions, and other toys.

As an affiliate marketer, these are the three most important dates that you need to watch out for in the last three months of the year. Literally billions of people who are willing to part away with their money will be online on these days. And the selling season does not end there. Buyers will continue with their shopping spree through the end of the year and probably the first month of next year.

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