Earning Through Your Blog 101: Niche and Audience

When it comes to earning through your blogs, one of the most challenging tasks would be to determine the niche of your blog and the audience you are most likely to target. Earning income through blogs is like starting a business. One of the first steps in going into a successful business venture is to do a demographic study. In a blogger’s point of view, consider what niche you want to focus on and the audience you want.

Focusing on your blog niche:

Coming up with your blog’s niche is completely to your preference. It may be something that you like, something that you do for a living or a hobby of yours. For example, if you’re a fan of fighting sports, you could make that into your blog niche. Since it’s a broad category, you could write about martial artists, fighting styles and references, video demonstrations, etc. Take into consideration that you have to be consistent with your content. Don’t make an off topic post unless you really have to. The reason for this consistency is that affiliate programs are very strict when it comes to your blog’s content. Often times, if you’ve used of paid post or paid reviews, chances are affiliate sites that are checking your site will consider you as a SPLOG (Spam Blog).

Your audience:

Coming up with your niche will also rely on what audience you are willing to target. Since they are your readers, I suggest you choose a niche that will also draw the attention of your targeted niche and at the same time draw the attention of other readers outside your target audience. Your site traffic will rely mostly on your readers. Keeping their attention to your blog is of high importance if you really want to be successful in earning through your blog. John Chow, one of the highest earning blogger of all time, said “I make money online by telling people how to make money online”.


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It’s all about balancing between your preference and your target audience. Often times, your niche will determine your audience as well. With a little dedication and perseverance, you’ll be earning in no time.