Get Your Landing Page Ready for the Holidays


Holidays are the time of the year when people are in the mood to spend more than the usual. Grab this opportunity to earn extra with a holiday-inspired landing page. Your PPC campaign must be geared towards the buying spree that often comes with the holiday season (and this does not apply only during Christmas)!

Here are simple tweaks that you can do to your landing page to get the holiday feel:

1. Spice Up Your Landing Page with Holiday Colors

Make your visitors feel the holiday spirit with anything and everything that says Christmas. Use colors, images, and designs to make them feel that it is the time of the year again for gift-giving and sharing.

2. Align Your Text Ads with Your Landing Page

If your target audience sees 10% discount on your text ad, they must also clearly see where the 10% discount is on your landing page when they click the link. Remember, they are more likely interested with the discount than anything else.

3. Drive a Sense of Urgency

Whatever you are selling, make your customers feel that they will not be there forever—much like the Holidays. Use visuals such as a countdown timer to let them know that the offer has a deadline that they must beat.

You can place this visual cue either directly on their line of sight or along their peripheral vision. Knowing that they have limited time to benefit from the offer will drive them to make a quicker buying decision.

4. Make it Easy for the Shopper

If you are on the ecommerce, make sure that your visitors can navigate easily within your website. They must be able to jump from one page to another with ease. If they are looking for gift ideas, create a link where they can get those ideas. Use tags such as “Awesome Gift Ideas for Dads”. That way, they do not need to browse through accessories or clothing sections to find what they are looking for. Most importantly, they must be able to make their purchase without fuzz.

5. Share, Share, Share

Yes, use the power of the social media to propel your promotions during the holidays. Make those share buttons easily accessible in your landing page. Always keep in mind that people “share” with their friends and family anything that they see useful or interesting. And what better time of the year to benefit from sharing than the Holidays.

6. Go Mobile

Now, this is a very important factor that you must not miss. You need to have a mobile-adaptable landing page. Internet users now are using mobile devices more than they use a PC. Make sure that your website is equipped with mobile capability. You surely do not want to miss out on prospects who are hiding in the dark looking for gifts to buy for their loved ones.