How To Identify A Phone Scam & How To Prevent It?

What is Vishing/ Phone Scam or voice Vishing?

This is the use of telecommunications products or services by someone illegally in order to get money from or failing to pay a telecommunications company or its customers.

Believe it or not, most phone scams do not involve phones being hacked or security settings being compromised but, persons giving up their personal information to criminals and sometimes end up losing their life savings.

Phone scammers will use exaggerated and aggressive means including fake prizes, products or services to lure you into believing that their scam is genuine. They will call, text or send mail in order to get you to communicate with them. You must be informed as to how to: Identify Phone Scams.

Some Common Types of Mobile Scams are:

• Subscriber Fraud – criminals acquire your personal information and they use this information to open a fraudulent phone  account in your name and before you know it you have a large bill which you have to now prove that you aren’t responsible for.
• Cloning – your phone number and your serial number falls into the hands of scammers which they use to program another device, which allows calls and data usage to go to your phone bill.
• Text Scam – scammers will send you a text pretending that it is from your bank, advising  that your account might have been compromised. You are then asked to visit a website or given a number to call. If you call or visit the website both your personal or banking information could be compromised and so, we have to be informed in such a way that we are able to identify phone scams.
• Tech Support Phone Scam – this happens when a criminal calls offering his or her assistance with problems, it is said have been identified on your computer. In giving this assistance, which you think is genuine, the criminal takes control of your computer and his accomplice is able to communicate through the phone or chat.

How to Identify Phone Scam:

Persons must be aware of and be able to Identify phone scams, be educated. Here are some things to be alerted to and by, especially from persons you don’t know:

• Offer of a ‘free’ vacation
• Seeking donation for a charity
• Being pressured to give personal and bank account information or to send money.
• Being offered assistance to pay debts, taxes etc.
• Offers from companies to do business with you that you have never heard of.
• You have won a high-stake foreign lottery
• You are one of a number of persons who have been selected for a prize but, you must decide right away
• You trust me, don’t you?
• We are a genuine company and so, you don’t need to investigate our company.
• Offerings of a huge monetary award if you buy our products
• Being told that your computer is infected and you need antivirus software
• Caller using obscene language or even becoming threatening because you are not forthcoming with with what they are trying to get from you, whether it be your personal, banking information or money.
• You are being offered returns on your money that is unfeasible.
• Shipping and handling charges will be placed on your credit card
• Extended warranties – criminal will get a hold of information regarding your vehicle as in the type and when it was bought. They will then pressure you into buying exorbitant plans that are worthless.
• Free Trial offers – which end up costing you a lot of money——- they are not free.

Persons also take responsibility and be alerted to the red flags which, Identifies Phone Scams.

Protect Yourselves:

Hang up the phone when these fast talking phone scam criminals call pressuring you to give up information which could cost you not just a few dollars but, your life savings. Do not pay any fees for prizes or rewards to these criminals, don’t trust them or send them any money instead, make it your priority and report them to the relevant authorities. You can also search the phone through google or some reverse phone lookup directores like,, etc.

Chances are, you are not the first nor the twenty first person that they have made contact to scam. Being aware of some methods used to scam and language used to scam unsuspecting, trusting persons especially, the elderly let us, Identify Phone Scam, their perpetrators and expose it.