How to stay updated as an SEO professional?

From the day when the internet came to existence, and Google was introduced, it has continuously changed SERPs and searches algorithm. This constant change included the age of machine learning and resulted in a natural fear for SEO professionals that they will become obsolete shortly. This belief is not true at all. There are segments of SEO which has been taken care of by machine learning but not the entire SEO industry. In this article, we have discussed some preventive measures which you can apply for staying in SEO industry unharmed. The main points to look out for are:

Stay Updated with your SEO Tools and Techniques

Valuing Technical SEO Expertise

Communicating the Values of SEO

If you are an SEO professional and somehow you feel insecure with your profession then go through this article. Even for SEO firms, you are not closing down anytime sooner if you follow some necessary steps and develop your skills and techniques.

1. Stay Updated with your SEO Tools and Techniques

Staying updated is similar to staying hydrated. A hydrated body is a healthy body. When you are updated about the changes affecting and developing SEO industry, you are ahead of others. Your clients will depend on you more, and you will be able to get more clients. To stay updated you have to develop two habits, reading and finding resources to upgrade your SEO tools and techniques. Make sure these resources are reliable and don’t post fake updates. If you are not an updated SEO professional, then you are an obsolete professional. Not being updated will lead to the use of old tools and techniques. Eventually, you will start losing your clients.

Two things which you must remember being an SEO professional is keeping a track on algorithm updates and SERPs. These changes have a drastic effect on various websites, and you need to keep a track on them. Depending on these results you have to plan your actions. SEO websites such as Yeah! Local maintain this trend to stay updated. It will help you to alter your techniques and upgrade your tools. If and when you are not updated with algorithm updates, your site might get removed from SERPs. If you haven’t checked it then now is the time. Start working on the recovery procedure to meet the standards of the algorithm set by search engines.

Any change in the Search Engine Result Pages might lead to a drastic effect on your website. You must be aware of these changes to rank higher on SERPs. The moment you miss information, you can lose a considerable amount of traffic, you can rank lower in the SERPs, and you can even get your website removed due to non-maintenance. It is your job to keep a note on when paid ads are added to significant places of SERPs or when 7-pack drops down to 3-pack. In recent years, featured snippets, carousels, rich answers, infinite scroll, and new ads have come up as SERP changes. When you do not meet these new standards, your website is prone to become obsolete.

2. Valuing Technical SEO Expertise

Valuing technical SEO expertise means working on three major concepts of:




When clients new to the SEO industry ask for a reference from you, you have to answer their questions, such as:

How do my contents get crawled?

How my website does get indexed?

Now, to solve these queries any SEO professional have to guarantee that their clients will surely rank high. Practically this is impossible to ensure as you don’t have any control over SERPs and search ranking. What is possible to do is that you get the client web pages in Google index. To achieve this goal you have to understand how to get all client content crawled. Everything must be availed to Google so that it can recognize the web page contents. Google Search Console is an essential tool for any SEO professional. Even though you can use a variety of devices, yet this is the most common tool. It acts like a bridge in-between Google and your client website. Along with this, the areas related to the index are:

Testing robots.txt

Correcting structured data

Analyzing crawl errors and statistics

Fetching the webpage content

Removing URL requests from the Google index

Sitemap submission

Manual action addressing

Through the above information, you will be able to audit the crawls and indexes of a website.

3. Communicating the Values of SEO

One thing you need to know is, till the day SERPs exists, SEO will survive too. SERPs and SEO are interdependent due to which it is tough for SEO to become obsolete. SEO professionals will be required as long as the algorithm crawls various websites. Any business can gain immense value through live channels. The only possibility for SEO to become obsolete is when business organizations don’t understand and value it. If you have followed everything discussed in this article, then you can communicate the values of SEO. You have to learn how websites are indexed and how search engines rank contents. If the above concepts are clear to you, then you can develop your conversations. This will help you to utilize the channels, hit high KPIs, and build strategies and techniques based on the above concepts. The main KPIs you have to target is organic traffic and organic conversations. Here is a list of few SEO techniques which adds value to organic search and other segments of business:

• For retargeting campaigns, you must generate initial traffic which can be used later

For performing the test, you have to create massive traffic which will have a large sample size

Providing initial exposure to brands which then develop to followers in social media

Enhanced site performance benefits in user experience

Offering content insight and copying teams with real search trends of the world

To end this article here is an advice for all SEO professionals and that is nothing which adds value to something becomes obsolete.