Online Shopping Tricks for Discounts at Ample Foods, ONNIT & Perfect Keto

These days, people are more eager to shop online rather than visiting different physical stores at malls. This saves them a lot of time and money. Talking about saving money, it is true that online shopping websites offer tons of discounts every now and then for their customers. They use several schemes and marketing techniques that help them lure in customers and also make it big with online shoppers. However, there are several deal hunters who fail to fall in the trap set by these online retailers. They take the help of coupon codes and discount codes that help them save more while shopping for their favorite items online. Thus, a perfect way to combat the marketing traps.

Tricks for Enjoying Big Discounts

Even though online retailers are coming up with new and more effective marketing techniques to lure in new and potential customers, there are also tricks to avoid such traps and enjoy great discounts on items of your choice. Here are some tricks discussed for your benefit.

  • Stay Away from Dynamic Pricing: When you talk about dynamic pricing, it basically means a strategy used by online retailers in order to offer various types of prices to different consumers based on the demand, each user’s spending and browsing patterns, and market factors. In this modern technological era, websites can easily keep track of your internet surfing and also get plenty of information pertaining to your online behavior. As a result of this, the dynamic pricing technique has become more sophisticated. Retailers make use of this data in order to determine your particular price point. This simply means that when you decide to shop online to buy a specific product, you may get a higher price as compared to another buyer, who has a different spending habit and uses a different computer. The ideal solution to this problem is to delete the browser cookies from the history or login in an incognito or private window, so that cookies do not get saved.

  • Purposely Leave Items in The Shopping Cart: You may login to an online retailer website and put the chosen products of your choice in the shopping cart. However, do not close the deal there. Let the items sit in the cart for some time or a few days. Normally, retailers wish to close a deal as soon as possible. If you leave items in your cart, they will come up with better options to draw you back. They may send you an email with a coupon code or offer the product at a better price. This is only possible if you have an account with a retailer shopping website and you remain logged in when you decide to leave your cart with items in it. Although there are some shopping sites where this trick may not work, most of them do indeed fall for this trick to help you get a better deal.

  • Search for Valid Coupons: There are many websites that provide various types of coupon codes that can be used on various online shopping sites. If the above trick does not get you a coupon or discount code from the retailer website, you may search for the websites that do provide such codes. Keep more than one code handy, just in case one codes fails to work you may try another one.

  • Make Use of The Social Media: The modern-day social media has given another way for retailers to market their products and services. If you follow some of the reliable and reputed retailers on these social media websites, you may soon find yourself with an exclusive coupon code. It is true that most of the reputed online retailers provide early access to some of the major sales and exclusive discount codes to their social media followers.

  • Opt for Email Alerts: Another trick for you to get great discounts is to sign up for email alerts. There are many companies that provide coupons to their customers who are on their email list. Most of these offers are meant to be used just once. Thus, if you sign up with multiple emails, you can easily collect several similar discount codes. There are also some retailers who simply provide coupon codes if you just sign up on their email list. It will be a good idea to also sign up on the email list of competitor retailers. This will help you compare deals and also ask for a price matching. It will be of great to you if you could set in a filter so that all your promotional emails could enter a specific folder. This will help you stay organized and also find a relevant coupon code when you need it the most.

  • Get in Touch with Customer Services to Extend Expired Codes: It may so happen that when you receive a specific code, you may have no use for it. However, a few days or weeks down the line you may suddenly feel the need of using the coupon, by which time it may have expired. You can easily get in touch with their customer service and ask to extend the coupon. Retailers normally want their customers to buy and increase their business. Thus, there is a great possibility that they may extend the coupon so that you can use it to buy the product you need so suddenly.

  • Compare Prices of Different Retailers: It may be possible that the same product is being sold by different retailers. This makes things simply superb for you. You can easily compare the prices of the product from different retailers and choose the one that provides the best deal. There are websites and apps that can help you by comparing the prices of different retailers. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

  • Compare Prices of Online and Physical Stores: The prices of a product provided by a physical retailer and an online retailer will never match. You can easily compare the prices of the two sellers and choose the one who gives you a better deal.