5 Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Page

Do you want to increase conversions on your landing page? – Clicksor will give you a few simple tips to increase as much as 30% conversions and sign ups to your landing page.

Improving your landing page will help you generate more money and high return on your investments.

Before we get into it, we would like to thank you for joining Clicksor and remind everyone that we are still one of the best ways to leverage your brands and offers by advertising on our contextual targeting display network.

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Correct Your Top 3 Marketing Mistakes

Correct Your Top 3 Marketing Mistake


Boy, time sure flies by quickly and we’re already half way towards January. Have you been keeping track with your 2010 Resolutions? Are your Affiliate/CPA campaigns working as well as you imagined? If not, then you should continue reading.

By now, you should have already picked a few good offers and kept track with your results. For those of you that have made money, Congratulation! Clicksor is happy for your success.

If your campaigns aren’t working as well as it should, let us help you with a few tips on how to optimize your campaigns.

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