The Top 7 Tips That Will Help You To Make the Perfect Landing Page

Make Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages are where your customers first land up. The most important part of your online marketing campaign, it can be optimized and built to convert your traffic to better sales. So, how do you make the landing pages convert?

We are going to discuss seven useful tips that will help you build a high-performance landing page for your business.

1. Swift Conversion

Your landing page has some purpose – you’re probably looking to sell something or making users sign up.

Every landing page either directs the user to fill a form, download something or make a phone call for conversion. Your call to action and procedure of conversion should be simple and straightforward. Your page needs to be concise with strategic use of call to action, which attracts attention as soon as one opens the landing page.

You can place the conversion process and your call to action on the top part of the page. The bottom of the page can be dedicated to highlighting Unique Selling Propositions (USPs), declare incentives or other aspects of your business. And at the end, you could have one final call to action. Do remember, customers will not hesitate to leave for a competitor if they find the conversion process too difficult or time-consuming.

2. A Suitable Sales Copy

Writing a sales copy is not as easy as it sounds – you can write for days on end and yet the campaign may fail. There are different technical aspects and writing styles you have to consider – for one; the target audience is important.

Your content needs to be directed towards your chosen demographic. Decide what to write and how to present the content. Here are few rules that you would want to follow for your next sales copy.

  • An eye-catching headline is a must for the discovery of your sales copy
  • Keep the content concise and break large chunk of information into different paragraphs and subheadings
  • Use bullet points or numbered list to make the content easy to scan
  • Have content that is easily comprehensible and provides value to customers
  • Use call to actions and other persuasive elements for better conversion
  • Include information and your selling point cleverly without overdoing it

3. Use of Images

Visuals are the best way to attract human attention span, which is now shorter than a goldfish! The images on your landing page should be clear and of high resolution. They should be evenly planned out on the landing page without forming clusters.

The images should also load quickly and should not make the user wait. Add pictures of your products or services that convey their advantages and value. You can even put in pictures of someone of your target audience to build up trust and rapport with the customer.
For example, if you are selling medical equipment to clinics and hospitals, having pictures of doctors or medical staff along with your products can lead to better conversion rates than expected.

4. Matching Ad Copy and Landing Page Content

The content on the landing page needs to be in line with the Ad copy, which lures the users to it. You can use a different copy for every occasion, but you have to keep up the consistency. For example, you have published a copy saying you sell garden supplies.

However, if a user finds links to buy a laptop on the landing page, your marketing campaign is going to fail. Instead, maintain the continuity and offer a smooth transition from the Ad copy to the landing page. Better chances of conversion and earning success.

5. Ratings and Testimonials

Positive ratings and feedback from customers always raise the reputation of an organization. It further builds up trust in promising customers and helps in making their purchasing decision based on previous customer experiences.

Now, it is possible to stream customer feedback left on social media and other channels directly on your landing page through widgets and plugins. You can also throw in links to positive press reviews or other awards achieved.

Customers always value the opinion of the press and the feedback left by other customers. It is a known fact that people research reviews of a product intensively before making their decision to buy it. Having testimonials on your landing page is an excellent way to boost its performance.

6. Coding and Design

Coding is the foundation on which your landing page, copy, and other online services will be based. It is always essential to have top notch coding in your landing page for improved user experience. It is wise not be carried away using too many CSS or HTML elements which make the page heavy. Cut them short and try to implement separate scripts for various platforms.

For example, building unique CSS for tablets, PCs and mobiles will provide faster loading times and enhanced user experience. It will also count when you receive a significant amount of traffic. The nanoseconds saved due to faster loading times can convert to savings of hundreds of dollars in the end.

7. Establish Your Privacy Policy

Many landing pages will require the user’s personal information to sign up or purchase and item. Your privacy policy is really important, and it should also be clear to your customers. It needs to be explicitly described on the website and users need not know what to expect. You do not have to mention the whole on the landing page.

Just include a link and dedicate another page or section of the website indicating the privacy policy. Also, put up confirmatory signs like “We protect your privacy” or “We are against spam” on the landing page. It makes the customer feel they are dealing with a trustworthy institution helping build trust.

The seven tips discussed above will go a long way in making your landing page turn into a performer. The tips will optimize the landing page to its fullest potential and bring success to your online marketing campaign.

You can also make your own changes and experiment to see what works best for your landing page. A/B testing can help you know which version can work better. The tips can be applied to landing pages of any business, so you’ve nothing to worry about.