Video Landing Pages: The Smart Way to Launch Your Campaign

We are so used to the traditional landing pages with promises of discounts and other freebies to lure prospects in. But have you considered using video in your landing page?

Why Video Landing Pages Work

Do you know why people still buy television today when there are other alternatives to entertainment?

The answer is simple—we all just want to sit and watch.

In the same token, do you know why TV advertisement is a billion-dollar industry and still growing?

Because it is easier for people to relate to something that they see and hear!

Now, take those characteristics and bring them to your landing page with a video. Instead of letting your prospects read through the text, you can explain everything in 30 seconds.

A Video is Worth More than a Thousand Words

This is true, literally and figuratively! You can squeeze in a thousand words in a 30-second video. Imagine doing that in writing. Your audience will get bored reading even before they reach the half-way mark with text.

Now, imagine the visual impact. Compare the effect of a written sentence that says “your child will be happy” to a video image of an actual child smiling. Which one do you think will stir more emotion?

Speaking of emotions, people take action when they feel something. It is easier to connect with people with an audio-visual than with words. If you want your visitors to click the “Buy” button, make an intimate connection with them using video in your landing page.

Make Boring Interesting

Videos have a way of making the mundane very appealing. Not all the products that you will sell have the allure of a dream vacation under the tropical sun. And yet, you can use video to appeal to your audience’s senses—even if you are just selling a toilet plunger!

Videos can Do the Hard Sell without the Backlash

A well-thought video on a landing page can say “Buy Now” without appearing too pushy. It works a lot better than the blinking buy button or the flashy “Get Your Copy Now” text. Because videos are more engaging than text, you can go deeper into your audience’s consciousness. It will be easier for them to remember what they see because of the emotion you generated. The same cannot be said with written words in a landing page.

If you want to take your campaign to the next level, consider using video landing page. It may cost a bit more, but it is all worth the effort.