Want to Grow Taller? Avoid These Anti-Tall Foods

When it comes to wanting to grow taller, you need to avoid eating certain things, and at the same time be sure you are consuming enough nutrients that your body needs to increase your natural human growth hormone (a.k.a. HGH) levels. If you want to learn about the good foods, you can check out the best foods at heightgrowthclub.com. Otherwise, here’s a quick list of anti-tall foods to avoid when you want to grow taller:

  1. Try to Avoid Junk Food
    When it comes to your diet, junk foods should generally be avoided as much as possible anyway. Junk food generally doesn’t have any nutrition in it, is often high in sugars, sodium, and artificial ingredients (even natural flavors aren’t really natural). Try cutting your junk food and sweets intake, or avoid them altogether when you’re trying to grow taller. This includes drinking soda, as the carbonation and phosphorus in them, as well as the caffeine, has been linked to stunting growth. While teas and coffee can have high amounts of caffeine as well, they don’t have this chain of ingredients that work together to cause growth stunting as much.

  2. Products Made of Soybeans
    This theory hasn’t really been proven with science, but many studies that have been done in which there were high amounts of soy in their diets have shown that soy generally can limit how much calcium our bodies absorb. When you have too much of these things as a child or teenager, this can actually not let your bones grow and develop as fast as they should.

  3. Sugar Causes More than Hyperactivity
    Studies have proven that children who eat more sugar aren’t quite as tall as kids who have lower sugar levels in their diet. So if this applies to children and their growth, you could be sure that at multiple age ranges, high amounts of sugar causes more problems than others. And don’t necessarily fall for sugar-free substitutes – many of these sugars are actually substituted by sugar alcohols, as well as false sugars and harsh ingredients that can actually cause complex health risks later on in life (such as how Aspartame creates a carcinogen in our body when it’s served in various products such as sodas and junk foods).

  4. Too Much Rice Can Hurt More Than Help
    When it comes to rice, sometimes rice alone can be a good way to get some more high carbohydrates in your body. If you eat too much rice, and have a low protein diet to complement the carbohydrates (so you can burn the carbs and build lean muscle, as well as transform the carbs into energy), then you can in turn have problems with growth in many ways.

Want to grow taller? Well, while foods that are included in a well-rounded meal in general are healthy for you, you want the right vitamin intake as well, so eat plenty of vegetables, proteins, and if you want, take a multi-vitamin to insure you’re getting the nutrients you need. And don’t forget, genetics do play a big factor in your height too, but you could still end up being taller than other people in your family, even if you’re not the tallest person in your class or workplace.