Website Magazine Ranking: Clicksor Listed Second in Top 50 Listing.

Clicksor finishes strong to end 2013 – in hopes to carry the momentum into 2014. Website Magazine, the leading print and digital publication for web business success, has listed Clicksor as one of the top performing & lead generation networks; ranking them second in a top 50 list as of 2013.

Website Magazine focuses exclusively on finding different trends and use the statistics they gather to create news analysis on the Internet industry. They then publish this data to the public as a source of information for businesses.

Clicksor, an online contextual advertising network, provides affiliates and publishers an established platform that allows them to monetize their traffic better. They jumped 10 spots higher from the 2010 ranking conducted by Website Magazine; indicating the growth and stability of their system.

Click here for the complete listing of the top 50 performance and lead generation networks. Looking forward to 2014, Clicksor will continue to perform at high efficiency while seeking improvements in their system to ensure they remain as one of the best ad networks out there.