What is Email Marketing?

When talking about email marketing, what comes to your mind? If you are a beginner, you may have both positive and negative opinions towards it. You may think that it is all about spam mails or you may also think that it is something that carries the power to make one rich overnight! And we am sure that you have heard about it in various blogs, forums etc. So, what actually email marketing means? Let’s talk about it from a beginner’s point of view.

Before going further, we want to make it clear that this article in meant for the beginners, who wants to make money online. If you are a seasoned player in the file of make money online or affiliate marketing, your point of view will be somewhat different and you may skip this article, though we always welcome your constructive feedback.

First, what is email marketing? In simple words, it is the use of the power of electronic mail or email in order to reach a wide range of potential customers or readers when offering products and services. Simply put, it is marketing via email and it is one of the most powerful tools one can have in internet marketing.

An alternative definition of email marketing, however, is when a company continues to foster communication with existing clients in order to enhance the service being offered and the relationship in existence. These are all done with the intent of gaining customer loyalty and patronage.

Email marketing, in either definitional paradigms, aims for the end of loyalty and patronage. If email marketing were to be used on potential clients, the role that the strategy has to play is that of trying to transform readers into real clients. The same idea holds true for existing clients. If existing clients were to receive continuous check-ups and evaluation of the service offered, the perception of forwarding the satisfaction of the customers would be made even clearer.

Email Marketing, of course, does not go off without any negative perception from the society. Many individuals see themselves as greatly inconvenienced by email marketing, which is at times classified as spam. However, it has come a long way since those early days of a complete and absolute negative stigma of email marketing. Now people have the right to choose what they find useful and suitable content arriving into their in-boxes.

However, in email marketing, it is important to know what rights and limitations are in existence. In the United States of America, different states revolt. Some would legislate against email marketing (which is considered spam) and others would not. That’s why in preparing and serving an email marketing campaign, you must take care not to annoy your prospects with unwanted and irrelevant emails. The legality of receiving an article of email marketing is unquestioned when the customer being serviced is that with which the company has had previous transactions with. A pre-existing business relationship may vary, but it may very well be someone from whom the company has previously requested information from, or someone who has bought or acquired the services of the company. This implies a level of consent that must be present in all the emails that will be used in email marketing campaigns.

Because of these various reasons, there are some imperative steps that must be taken by a marketer or company wishing to take part in any email marketing campaign. For example:

Maintaining the integrity of Content: Legislation against email marketing, and marketing general, are in fact in place because in past there was many reports of abuses. Therefore, it is imperative that of some of the things considered in an email marketing campaign is that of integrity of content. This would mean the inclusion of the senders’ complete and accurate information.

Clarity of Consent: It is imperative that companies or individuals make sure that the persons they are sending emails to are those they’ve had previous transactions with, and are in good standing with each of them. There is a necessity to keep close track to each and every email address being added to the list of clients because similarly, it would be easy to duly evaluate consent in each and every scenario.

Aggressiveness of Content: While email marketers may want to carry on with their aggressive marketing strategies, their interests must be balanced with the rights of individuals against marketing strategies that are far too aggressive and neglect their rights and wishes. So, companies and email marketers should use subject lines that reflect content, use a valid address, and make arrangements for the recipients to opt out of the service or from receiving future notices and marketing pitches.

At the end of the day, email marketing is a powerful marketing tool that really works. It works because of its low-cost and its far-reaching capacities. However, because there are no singular restrictions as to how it may be used without going to the extent of the legal borderline behavior, companies and individuals that wish to use it in its full potency must in return expect a degree of compromise to be made, which may not endanger the reputation of the company or the brand, but may, in the long run, help build a healthy brand image.

So, that was all about email marketing. If you are thinking about trying email marketing to make some money online, don’t forget the points that we discussed above. Then take help from a powerful network like Clicksor and jump into real work. I am sure that soon you will become a successful email marketer. Need some more elaborate information about email marketing. Watch out for my next few articles. Old player in this field? Still trying hard to get good results? Just keep it in mind that gone are the days of tons and tons of spam mails. Instead build a good list, create some creative and powerful email marketing campaigns and see the difference.